Experienced educator with over 20 years of secondary and collegiate instruction in English, literature, creative writing, composition, and research methods. Below are attachments, links and some samples of my student's work to help give you ideas for the work you do. Enjoy!


Ignatian Family Teach In for Justice


Memorial Visitations ~ November 3, 2018

Each space will be introduced by Mr. Cendejas. After, we are inviting you to wander and explore the space. Use the links below to assist you. Jot down quotes, draw pictures, take notes, write a song or poem or a prayer. This is not a tour, or vacation sightseeing event. What you notice should manifest in complete and complex ways in your notes.

MLK Memorial

Vietnam Memorial

Lincoln Memorial


AWP 2018

Summer Session Publications

Sample Student Pecha Kucha & Sonnet Crown Videos

Pecha Kuchas

Sonnet Crowns

  • Sonnet Crown (YouTube) - by Noah Francia, JT Lehne, Alex Creek, Alejandro Gutierrez

  • Los Angeles Sonnet Crown (YouTube) - by Nick Colman, Henry Chase, Jonathan Partamian, Dylan Boehm

Voice Threads

Along with my colleagues of the Loyola High School English Department, here is a literary look at the American Revolution via Voice Thread: