10/1 - Poets & Allies Reading w/ Bridgette Bianca • 730 pm • Sidewalk Cafe HTS • 2057 N Los Robles Ave • Pasadena, CA 91104

10/6 - Words Matter Loyola High School Office of Equity and Inclusion

10/7 - DJ Event - Blue & White Party Private event

10/19 - DJ Event - Rocio Carlos & Rachel Kaminer Attendance Book Release Avenue 50 Studio • 131 N Avenue 50 • Los Angeles, California 90042

10/20 - East Portland Arts & Literary Fest 3:30pm-4:15pm

I am the flow that can’t help but breathe Spoken Word Performance with Christopher Rose + Sachi Kaneko + F. Douglas Brown
This reading presents work from three queer poets of color on being mixed, both and neither, halfu and halo-halo, and breathing through the iconic weight of our names’ lineages • Portland, OR

10/27 - Angel Garcia Book Release Civic Center Studios • 207 South Broadway Suite One • Los Angeles, CA 90038 



11/2-11/5 - Washington DC Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice

11/10 - DJ Event

11/18 - Southern California Poetry Festival

11/30 - Three Doug Night  w/ Doug Knot and Doug Manuel • Beyond Baroque • 681 Venice Blvd. • Venice, CA 90291



12/1 - DJ Event

12/4 - Permeability: Forms, Formations, Transformations Otis College 

12/6 - Reading for Duy Doan's release • 7 pm • Otro Libros/Other Books • 2006 E Cesar E Chavez Avenue •Los Angeles, CA 90033 

12/8 - Beyond Baroque Workshop • more info TDB • Beyond Baroque • 681 Venice Blvd. • Venice, CA 90291

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2/19 - Guest Facilitator for University of California Irvine Kevin Young Reading Group • 5:30-7 pm open to public as part of UCI's Illuminations Author Series


3/27 to 3/30 - AWP Conference in Portland, OR

Making Sure Everyone Is Here: The Empathetic Classroom as Inclusive Space

Empathy requires inquiry as much as imagination. Empathy requires knowing you know nothing.” These are just some of the ideas presented by Leslie Jamison in her provocative book The Empathy Exams. On this panel, teachers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines discuss strategies, uses, and misuses of empathy in the classroom. Each panelist explores a different aspect of empathy as a way of broadening the discussion of empathy’s pedagogic function.

Against Witness: Developing Accountability & Participation in Poetry

Definitions of “poetry of witness” are shifting as poets seek to defy the inherent passivity of the term “witness.” Increasingly, poets are interrogating the safety afforded by time and distance, engaging legacies of trauma, including those they have inherited or been proxy to, in order to confront the past and their own participation. Four poets discuss and confront the methods we use to bridge the selectivity and compartmentalization of human memory in poetry. To “witness” is no longer enough.


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